Monday, May 14, 2007

A Few Things I Heard on 5-14

First thing in the morning: Is. let loose with a squeal-shout of "Day-ad!" (or something sounding very close to this) loudly enough to stir me from the depths of sleep.

Sometime in the afternoon I heard, "You may now write your dissertation."1

Madeline's prospectus was approved by her committee today, too. And Susan successfully defended her dissertation.

Added: The Collin vs. Tenure showdown ended with a favorable result.

I have a hunch there will be more to add...


1. I have a heap of really useful notes from the prospectus hearing. Tomorrow I need to pour over them, translate them into a more coherent and usable form. And then *deep breath* all that's left is to write the thing. To begin the hearing, I offered a brief recap of the conversations and email exchanges with each member of the committee. Not wanting to go too long with the preamble, I kept myself to just four points (questions, suggestions, recommended readings, concerns) per person. From there it was every bit the collegial conversation I hoped for, and I walked away feeling tremendously relieved, challenged, and overstimulated with the ideas we shared about the work just ahead.