Thursday, June 17, 2004

Pot Shards

"I was serving my tribe before serving my tribe was cool": Gov. of the Zia Pueblo on a guided tour this morning.  The tour started at the oldest church in the United States--a modest one-room Catholic adobe put up around 1660.  From the church, we walked a few hundred yards to the plaza where the Gov. challenged the athletes to a traditional foot-race across the plaza.  Only about seven of the athletes competed (and none of them were basketball folks), but the Gov. put on a good show, finishing in the top three, and with cowboy boots on.

I'm on the coat-delivery crew in the (early) morning.  An organization out of Pa.--Operation Warm--is here.  They distribute something like 50,000 coats each year to young people.  So before the camp sessions tomorrow, six of us are off to the Santa Ana Pueblo.