Sunday, January 4, 2015

In This Dream

In this dream, some kind of simulacrumby glitch struck my U's research-focused marketing push; the banner hung, repeating images, like the Hollywood Square grid dangling from the parking garage. This is what parking garages dream of?

Marketing Glitch

I don't know what kind of comment this is on tomorrow's start of the semester, a visual rhetoric grad class, an online style class (piloting, or rather crash-imminent-piloting Canvas), a metric crap-tonne of meetings).

Besides semester-readying, after this photo and its Photoshopping (in consultation with Is.), I was thinking more about What's the right time for acclimating to the kinds of photographic worlding (knowing, seeing, capturing for altering and then circulating) a program like Photoshop makes possible? Comparable but parallel and thus only but so relevant a thread of thought on Excel, too, spreadsheeteracy or whatever, which we spent some time on over the holiday break, too. Another entry someday, teaching spreadsheets with Unolytics, making kiddo enter the data.

Already ambling, but the blog's next year (oof, yet another) needed a nudge, an anything whatever to bump everything into 2015. This is it.

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