Sunday, January 15, 2012


  • Is.'s school put on an MLK Jr. concert on Friday afternoon. I hadn't planned to video-record it, but when I learned her class was doing just one song, I captured it with the smartphone. If the circle is a clock face and the teacher is in the 6 o'clock position, Is. is in a light blue dress around 1 o'clock.
  • Afterward, I caught a meeting/collaborative writing session at which I heard about others' Friday the 13th woes and left feeling fortunate.
  • Fortunate, that is, until I got to Is.'s school again to pick her up and scored a flat tire in the school parking lot. Approaching dusk. Steady snow. Due to D.'s school in fifteen minutes. Happy Friday the 13th to you, too. Wind and the rain, in his hands....
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Wow, that blows. Let's try to forget this past Friday, eh? Well, let's remember the writing work though....

Posted by: Steve Krause at January 15, 2012 4:19 PM

Yes, let's. I changed the tire quickly and proceeded to D.'s school only a few minutes late for a basketball game between EWMA and a charter school from Dearborn. It was a good game other than a brouhaha over an alleged jersey-switch that went unnoticed by the refs and gained the visiting team some much needed relief from foul trouble. Was Friday the 13th for nearly everyone, I guess.

Posted by: Derek at January 15, 2012 10:26 PM