Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing a Plate of Fried Foods Won't Fix

Already, another year.

This birthday, while not as carefree as certain previous birthdays, included teaching the second class of a spring-term ENGL121, a pair of CXC (or CAC?) Advanced Institute presentations, a dinner and ice cream excursion (I'm trimming the caloric details here in anticipation of what's next), and a gift. It included, too, a delightfully constant and friendly stream of Facebook birthday wishes. Nice, that. Ultimately this is the difference between Facebook and Twitter, isn't it? On FB, the birthday felicitations flow freely. On Twitter, how old are you again?

The gift: a Presto! 05462 Digital ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer. I just gained two pounds typing its name. Actually, I copied and pasted its name, and still, two new pounds. I count this gift a direct, if a few days delayed, answer to the question, "Are we really going to eat the soggy sweet potato fries from the oven?" Granted, I was the one who asked the question, and I was also the one who made the soft-batch oven-baked mush frittes last weekend. We ate them and pretended to like them.

So, yeah, the deep fryer's a uni-tasker, but it's a uni-tasker with pictures of donuts and waffle fries and deep fried pork chops on its box. If you've got to have a uni-tasker in your kitchen, it may as well be one that can crisp off some donuts or falafels or whatever. Of course, owning the first deep-fat-frier of my growing-old life means I probably should reboot an earnest fitness regimen before I reach whatever age it is I'll be turning next year on 5-5.

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Happy belated birthday! Deep friers grow old fast too though, and they are disgusting. I am a Taurus as well! I think I'm more bull-like than you though...

Posted by: Grace at May 9, 2011 8:18 PM