Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here are a few photos from Sunday's commencement at SU.

SU Graduation 2009 - Ceremony

SU Graduation 2009 - Jumbotron Biden

As I mentioned last time, Joe Biden was the speaker. He started with Sinatra's line that "Orange is the happiest color," and suggested that Sinatra must have had SU in mind when he said it. Biden told about his graduation from SU in 1968, contextualizing events occurring around the time of his commencement and gradually establishing a bridge between 1968 and the present moment. Graduating during times of great uncertainty uniquely positions you to shape the world at whatever scale you will (i.e., oftentimes this shaping grows from small, principled deeds, from being one who "was not made to look the other way"). He also expressed his strong sense of loyalty to Syracuse University because Syracuse ties have helped him through some of the greatest challenges he has faced. Interjected within these two aspects of his address were references to his father's advice: when you get knocked down, "get up."

This summary is the best I could do without notes. And I dedicate it to Sleepy Pete, who appears in the photo above not to be paying attention to the VP.

SU Graduation 2009 - Greeted by Nancy Cantor

Other than those awarded honorary degrees, doctoral candidates were the only group introduced by name and called across the stage. D. snapped this photo of the best the jumbotron could to do capture Chancellor Nancy Cantor and me in the same frame.

SU Graduation 2009 - At HBC with Faculty

After the ceremony, I was fortunate to catch up with professors Lois Agnew and Eileen Schell who waited with D. and Ph. outside HBC for this photo--"fortunate" because temperatures dropped sharply into the 40s during the ceremony, so milling around outdoors wasn't as appealing as it might have been on a warmer May afternoon.

This Flickr slideshow has a few more photos from the weekend's events.

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The shot of you and Nancy Cantor (with much of your head not showing) is very funny. I enjoyed all the weekend celebrations and thought the commencement was especially nice with undergraduates having brought in (because of the security measures) fewer large blow-up items (which they toss around during the final announcements of their graduation from their schools and colleges) and no champagne (which the faculty sometimes get inadvertently sprayed with).

Posted by: Jo at May 13, 2009 11:04 AM

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Mueller! We are so proud of you!! I am anxious to see you all soon. Trying to coax the other doctor to come and meet Is. Yes I have an alterior motive. Hoping that when she sees what a gifted and brilliant child Is is, she will want one soon!!! We are excited and thrilled that you all will be close in proximity to us again.....and of course this Nana will get to be with the kids often!!! Remember, I babysit for free!

Posted by: Nana Sybs at May 17, 2009 4:03 AM