Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oceanic Six

 10.02: Next week, a new episode, "The Variable," the 100th episode of Lost.
10.02: Vote on for your favorite set of love birds: Jack-Kate, Jack-Juliet, Kate-Sawyer, or Juliet-Sawyer.
10.01: What happened to Rose and Bernard?
10.00: James breaks it to the returners that the ones who stayed behind joined the Dharma Initiative.
9:59: Oceanic Six returns to the island, but in different time periods: 1977 and 2007.
9.58: Turbulence. Frank Lapidus (pilot) calls Mayday! Mayday!
9.55: Much to everyone's surprise, the Oceanic Six end up on the same flight. Jack tells Kate that they're "all back together." Kate says, "We're on the same flight, but that doesn't make us 'together.'"
9.53: Ben and Charles Widmore have each other's cell phone numbers programmed. Ben only calls when he is going to enact vengeance.
9.52: I probably could have posted most of this in my Twitter account.
9.51: I sure am looking forward to Friday's lovely weather in Syracuse.
9.50: I flipped back to Lost. Only, instead of Lost, ABC was showing a commercial about what you can get for a dollar at McDonald's.
9.48: Nobody can say for sure whether Jerry Shepard in Eight Below is related to Jack Shephard of the Oceanic Six.
9.46: Alaskan Malamutes are nuzzling each other on ABC Family: Eight Below. Isn't this where, when Desmond turned the key a couple of seasons ago, Penny's crew picked up the location of the island?
9.44: Ah, the Burger King commercial is on Comedy Central, too. "Those pants are square."
9.43: Andrew Zimmern just stuffed his piehole with fermented fish and talked while he chewed about how terrible it all smelled.
9.41: Weather Channel: Due to be sunny and 75 in Syracuse on Friday. Even warmer Saturday.
9.39: Bowling on ESPN2. Fella with a big red and blue star on his shirt just picked up a one-pin spare.
9.38: Commercials.
9.36: Kate is shrewd with faux-cop looking for Aaron. This means that Aaron is in danger.
9.34: Looks like I'm going to have to drum up another entry in the morning to displace this embarrassing liveblogging debut.
9.33: We have to go back!
9.32: I watched five minutes of The Unusuals premier before shutting it off. Found it usual.
9.29: Olay knows how to reverse age my skin (commercial). I think Ben used Olay when he healed so quickly after getting roughed up by Desmond.

9.25: Jack's beard appears to grow faster than Locke's beard.
9.24: Please nominate this as a liveblogging FAIL.
9.22: Remember last week when Faraday got out of the submarine at the end?
9.21: Blue Light commercial. Haven't heard any beer aficionados recommend this one yet.
9.19: Cute. Burger King likes square butts (commercial).
9.17: I wish Jack would quit the dope. I mean, he did, right? Only then he woke up from the second plane *flash* and it was 1977.
9.16: Does Kate love Jack? Or does Jack love Kate? Or does Kate love Sawyer?
9.15: Jack blah blah...putting on his lie upon returning home he eulogizes Christian, his dad.
9.12: I'll try to look at it this way: live-blogging a "catch up" episode makes great practice for next time. Great practice for never doing this again, too.
9.08: Ford Fusion commercial. I had better quit while I'm ahead.
9.07: Get this. The Oceanic Six lied.
9.04: Wow. Weird. "The island was gone." Apparently it moved. I had no idea.
9.03: Worst fears are confirmed: "Special" on the Oceanic Six is ABC's way of pulling a fast one: no new episode tonight. I should have done better research.
9.01: Oh dear. This isn't one of those Lost for Dummies episodes, is it? ABC was advertising a "special" on the Oceanic Six, the Oceanic Six from another perspective.
8.59: *should*
8.57: By the way, I've never live-blogged anything before. Yes, you shoudl lower your expectations.
Liveblogging Lost commences in five minutes!

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