Monday, September 29, 2008


Just one month ago John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his V.P. running mate. I'd never heard of her. Oh, how much we have learned over these thirty days. I can't say that I tune into the news all that often, but I feel like I've taken a short course on Palin or, worse, had an emergency Palinoscopy performed on my brain (not to worry, I remain lucid enough to know how to vote in another month).

For instance, here's a can't-miss tidbit from the New Yorker's "Coconut Oil Department" about the tanning bed Palin bought for her Juneau home.

Of the many things revealed about the Alaska governor Sarah Palin since she became John McCain's running mate last month, one of the most curious is the fact, reported two weeks ago, that she had a tanning bed installed in the state mansion in Juneau. Obama supporters seized on the news, arguing that private tanning-bed ownership is evidence that Palin isn't the folksy hockey mom she claims to be, while Republican partisans pointed out that she bought the bed secondhand from an athletic club, and, moreover, that tanning is a reasonable activity, given Alaska's sun-deprived winters.

Meh. Might be nothing. Although this does stand in odd contrast--Vitamin D or no Vitamin D--to McCain's medical record. The tanning bed can't have all that much bearing on Palin's promise as a candidate, can it? The following two, however, are pieces I can't seem to forget any time her name comes up. These are the lingering associations that have, for me, overrun any other impressions I might have (including, perhaps, any that will emanate during Thursday evening's debate).

1. The Runaway Train Response to Couric (via)

2. Lessig's Research on Palin's Experience Relative to other VP's (via)

Don't watch them back to back unless you're unafraid of enduring (er, enjoying?) with me a full-on Palindectomy.

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THANKYOU....CAN WE GET THIS ON PRIMETIME? Reckless was the first thought I had also.. another reckless republican makes another reckless move that intelligent women will not turn the other cheek for. Google my name and Obama... the quote was chopped / edited and printed wrong, but Barack Obama heard me right and that it what counted to me on Sept.1..

Posted by: Sybs at October 7, 2008 12:18 AM