Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blogue Overdue

  • Congratulations to Billie for crushing the competition in the fifth annual E.W.M. NCAA pick 'em thingamerbob. I had to wait a few days to announce the congratulations because I wanted to be mathematically certain I was out of the running. So I finished tenth? Tenth: that's behind someone who didn't pick a champion and someone else called "Booger."
  • Slowly I am recovering from yesterday's round-trip car ride to Buffalo for NEMLA, my first ever MLA experience (regional or otherwise). Alex's paper gave me a lot of good ideas to think about, the panel was well-received overall, and I think my paper came off alright, even if I didn't field any questions directly about it per se (I did chime in on some other stuff in the Q&A, such as multi-modal composition and demonstrable proficiencies).
  • JetBlue has won me over as a long-term customer. How? Well, after last week's return-from-N.O. debacle, not only did they put me up in the JFK Best Western (I mentioned this earlier in the week), but on Thursday they sent me an email telling of a reimbursement voucher for the full cost of the trip, which I can use in the next year toward trips to Louisville, San Francisco, or wherever.
  • Every so often I think about dropping out of Facebook.
  • I took a couple of other photos while I was in New Orleans: another of 822 St. Charles, hotel sign, Maserati, and repairs order. Said I would post them and so they are.
  • Coming spring and summer of '08: Berthoff L.O.A. Series Cup bolo toss. Watch for it. It's going to be b-i-g BIG.
  • I am, for the rest of the day, suspending all thoughts about planning for the week ahead. In any possible order, it's a week that will involve (some but not all) of the following: getting my RSAct in gear, revising C. 2, revising that article, cooking up a little MayFest promo video for the Writing Center, and drafting on C. 5. The video is marked urgent. Plus, I have ten hours of consulting time due this week and a couple of other back-burner things yet to do. All of this while everyone else in the house basks in Spring Break (I'm not saying they don't deserve it, of course).

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It's terrible that you finished tenth. Even more terrible is that I finished behind you. But yay Billie!

Posted by: JM at April 12, 2008 5:07 PM

Next year I will finish higher than tenth (all the more likely if Billie takes great risks and selects--oh, I don't know--maybe one two-seed).

Posted by: Derek at April 15, 2008 3:48 PM