Monday, March 3, 2008

Ars Snowpack

A break from harsh winter temps stirred Ph. to a couple of hours outside yesterday. Is. continues to be intrigued by snowpeople, so he worked patiently to replicate our family. Before this, D. and Is. rolled up a single "Mona", but Yoki, for reasons known only to him, kept jumping up on the defenseless creature such that its top two segments toppled not once, but twice. At the time of the photo, Ph. was crafting the youngest two in the family; in the meantime, we decided to have them represent themselves since there is so little to distinguish the human from the snowmade simulant this time of year (around here). Notice that Ph. seems to have arranged us by height, which would put me at the far right--the faceless one. At least the blank-faced snowman isn't working on a dissertation.


The arrangement of the photos here is reverse chronological. The photo below came earlier in the day, shortly after D. and Is. rebuilt the first figure after its dog attack. I'd guess that Is. had just witnessed Yoki's second assault, an attack that included the unrepentant gnashing of the stick-arms after he stole them from the fallen torso. Seems Is. delights in that sort of thing. Right, and also standing on the kitchen table.

Table Topper

I just realized these are the third and fourth photos I've uploaded to Flickr in 2008. I'm not sure this means a whole lot, but it does confirm that my head has been in a drift for the last eight weeks. Also, at this rate, I'll be lucky to reach thirty uploads this year. Maybe March will spark some photogenic activity.

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Wow...just look at how quickly she's growing. She doesn't look much like a toddler in that photo. She had a look about her, you know, how she'll look when she grows up. Beautiful!

Posted by: billie at March 3, 2008 10:30 PM

I was thinking the same thing. She's beautiful, Derek. And Yoki? He looks pretty satisfied with things.

Posted by: joanna at March 4, 2008 7:27 AM

Look at that little girl who used to be a tiny baby! (And I see that I'm repeating the same sentiments as others. As I've been trying to tell my students: no original thoughts out there.)

Posted by: Donna at March 4, 2008 2:02 PM

Yes she is delightful--capable of switching from charmer to stinker and back again in rapid succession.

Posted by: Derek at March 8, 2008 3:05 PM