Friday, December 14, 2007

Field of Bingos

Believe it or not, I've been playing Scrabulous less frequently in recent weeks. Still, because the game developers make it so easy to grab columnized data on the bingos laid down over a given period of time, I couldn't resist fiddling around with some post-game (maybe post-fall-season) bubble chart analysis using Many Eyes.

Also, because posting one's trophies so openly risks projecting an aura of excessive pride, I have to add that I'm not all that accomplished of a Scrabble player (i.e., I've never won anything other than the occasional match). This fall I have grown accustomed to keeping Scrabulous open in a tab each morning while I write. When my writing mojo plummets, as it does from time to time, into the deeps of 'what ever am I going for here?', I mouse over and play a word. Call it productive digression.

I guess this also means that for as long as I am working on the dissertation every M-F morning, I will cautiously accept all* Scrabulous challenges.

* This conditional promise no longer applies after you have defeated me once.

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