Friday, November 2, 2007

Earthgoogle On Merucy

Never underestimate the profound self-knowledge that comes of reflecting on the server logs. Two days into NaWrLiYoHaSoImToSaMo, "Piaget" is the supreme attractor to E.W.M., five seductions ahead of "addams family house." Sometimes when I'm really at a loss for what to do next (you know, in my spare time), I re-google a couple of the oddities in the list to see what e-calamity I have brought about. And then, moments later, I sigh a deep sigh of bloguilt and follow it up with an entry like this one which will sooner or later tell the search engines to look here for acute insights into adequation (i.e., dead metaphors) or Vygotsky coordinates.Worse, this route credibility is underwritten largely by link-capital accumulated over years of haphazardly piling on blogroll addition upon blogroll addition.

12   12.77%  piaget
7     7.45%  addams family house
4     4.26%  wheelbarrow full of sand border crossing. smuggler
3     3.19%  the photographic message
2     2.13%  adequated
2     2.13%  barthes third meaning space
2     2.13%  concepts vygotsky coordinates-
2     2.13%  digital convergence kittler gramophone
2     2.13%  earthgoogle on merucy
2     2.13%
2     2.13%
2     2.13%  moth bikes

Any chance I can win back a small measure of digital karma by directing those who sought "earthgoogle on merucy" to Google Mars? I'm not implying that it should count as an act of community service; but maybe "network service," or some other ironic gesture.

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