Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kibble Debacle

Not Always C
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Y. overdid it last evening, ransacked his food stash until he was sickly engorged. We aren't able to give a good estimate of just how much he ate, but it was considerably more than the usual helping.

Another dog, Tony, is my gauge for crises like this one. T. was the dog whose company I enjoyed when I was in high school and college. I'd seen him eat overmuch a few times before. With my fading memory of T.'s full-rounded stomach as my guide, I guessed that Y. would be okay. Y.'s about the same size, anyway, and even though he's not as seasoned at gluttony as T. was, I'm fairly sure he'll survive this event.

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Over in my neck of the woods, my husband bolted to the grocery store to buy kibble Thursday morning so that our cats would not starve all day. And one of our kitties is nicknamed "the blivet" and doesn't look like he's in danger of starvation.

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