Saturday, May 26, 2007

Heeling Arts

I stepped onto the front stoop first thing this morning to get a feel for the weather. Figured we'd walk the neighborhood and needed to factor the temperature into our preparations. I wasn't wearing shoes.

Opened the screen door and went to step back inside (with Is. in my arms). And then I let the screen door shut. Just the other day I switched out the glass storm door for its spring weather counterpart, the screen. Gone with the heavier version of the door was its maximum use of the pressure tube that regulates the door's rate of closure. The lighter door closes more quickly, I mean. In an effort to keep it from slamming into my back and, perhaps, messing up the screen material, I kicked back my right foot, thinking my heel would stall the impact of the door long enough for the two of us to pass inside before the door closed. This is a dance step I've executed a thousand times.

Only today the corner of the door's aluminum frame featured a sharp barb--sharp like the sword of Zorro! Here is a picture of it:


We didn't get to go on the walk. The barb did what it looks like it was designed to do, slicing superficially along a couple of inches of my lower leg before jamming all the way into my heel. A puncture wound. I was stabbed in the foot by an aluminum screen door (still angry because I broke one of the cheap clamps that holds the screen in place when I changed it the other day?). We rode to the ER where, after two-and-a-half hours, they put me back together again. This time it was Mike, not Cliff, who did the stitching. And fortunately, in this summery weather, it's pleasant enough to prop up the foot and let the Neosporin and Cephalexin do their work on the wound, which, I've been promised, will be better than new in one week.

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Well, that's a completely valid excuse for lots of porch-sitting.

Posted by: Krista at May 26, 2007 4:02 PM

I hope this is the last such entry I read from you in a while!

I'm happy to say I haven't been to the ER since I moved to Macomb. But in Gainesville, I was there all too often. Bike accidents, kicked a very sharp pitchfork, broken arm, cut my hand on rusty chicken wire... hrm, that reminds me, I need a tetanus booster.

Posted by: cbd at May 26, 2007 7:29 PM

Ouccchh! Some bloody year you've had.

Posted by: Lance at May 26, 2007 8:07 PM

My fingers are crossed for no more injuries in '07. Of course, this latest one has me taking a new interest in medical wikis. Um, "Go to an area that is brightly lit"? Check.

Posted by: Derek at May 30, 2007 9:53 PM