Tuesday, January 16, 2007

C-Webb and Outtheplayoffsheimer

Two sports hopes:

1. I hope the San Diego Superchargers keep Marty Schottenheimer for one more season.
2. I hope the Pistons go ahead and sign Chris Webber but don't let go of McDyess in the process.

You see, for me, it was dog-bone-chewing elation when the Cleveland Browns advanced to the AFC Championship Game against the Broncos back in '86. Kosar, Byner, Slaughter, Golic--they were going to woof all the way through the playoffs. Schottenheimer was the coach. I had a Browns jacket; I subscribed to the Browns Digest (the name?) and postered my bedroom walls with all the players. The first set of teams for vibrating-sheet-metal football: AFC Central (Cleveland, Cincy, Houston, and Pittsburgh). After the drive, I cried. And then in Kansas City, several years later, Schottenheimer was with the Chiefs--Thomas, Montana, Allen. Always a surge into the playoffs and then a fizzle, year after--not again--year. With the Chargers, this year was no different. But 14-3? I say keep Schottenheimer for the regular season and get him a spot in the booth for the post-season. Hand the team over to a preparer and motivator come post-season (i.e., borrow Urban Meyer for a few weeks). The Chargers have the personnel, right? Give him one more season, I say. (Note: Of the weekend's playoffs, the Chargers-Pats outcome was the only one I thought disappointing.)

Here's the other hope: I'd like to see Webber run with the Pistons. But I hope they don't have to let Antonio McDyess off the roster to make it work. I've only been half-following this story (due to let loose after 2:00 p.m. today), so there's probably been some discussion of who will stay and who will go. But I think of Webber as a Detroit local, despite the missteps at U-Mich in the early '90s. Webber was Michigan's Mr. Basketball out of the Country Day School the same year the I was a senior in high school. I never played against him in AAU because I was a year younger, but Webber and the Superfriends towered over all in-state competition (they may have even won the national AAU tournament in '91). Webber has had an injury-plagued NBA career. And although his stop-over in Philadelphia was little more than an overpriced backslide, he was a Horry three-pointer away from a title-chance with the Kings. I might be wrong, but the mix of local pride and end-of-career-is-near might be enough to evoke whatever he's got left. I say it's potentially a Finals-making pick-up for the Pistons.

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Talk radio here is still up and arms over C-Webb. Lots of folks don't forgive him for taking the money at Michigan and helping cause the downfall of that program.

But I'm a Gator, not a Wolverine fan. The Pistons should also pick up Penny Hardaway who is healthy and ready to return.

Posted by: jeff at January 16, 2007 8:39 PM

See an Anfernee, pick him up. But wouldn't you rather see Penny reunite with Shaq for the sweet twilight of their careers?

I'm ambivalent about the Wolverines. Take money from a booster? Sure, like the timeout in the Nat. Championship, it was stupid. But C-Webb always drove fancy cars. And for the free agent minimum, Dumars is making a smart gamble.

Posted by: Derek at January 16, 2007 9:05 PM

As much as I love my Miami Heat, they are done. Riley is gone. Walker has his ring. He doesn't care. Get Wright in there and plan for the future.

W/the Pistons, they have to ship somebody now. Nazr, Davis, or Dice. Looks like Muhammed wants out.

Posted by: jeff at January 17, 2007 1:30 PM

It's too bad about Miami because Wade is able to do so much. Boo to Walker's lethargy.

I thought Nazr was going to work out okay, and I think he'll be a contributor for another team enough that Detroit could make an even trade for another player who can help them, like Okur or Darko. Heh.

Posted by: Derek at January 17, 2007 2:39 PM