Sunday, November 5, 2006

Mystery Shoppers

To the email inbox came a solicitation from the Mystery Shoppers Association a couple of days ago. The MSA was recruiting me with a series of links: "Click to become a Take Out Critic." I was enticed by the offer to review delectable meals from Wendy's, Chuck E. Cheese's, Arby's, and so on, but unfortunately I had to decline (or, more exactly, delete the email). I'm doing my very best already to manage a wildly long and demanding list of obligations (i.e., qualifying exams).

Still, mystery shopping is something I could get into some day. Until then, here are the few puzzlers I'd sell to anyone on the lookout for perplexity. Five cents apiece:

  • Do I have one of those laptop batteries that will explode and burn my life's work to a crisp?
  • Why does my stomach hurt?
  • What happened to all of the Halloween candy?
  • Did I feed Yoki this evening? Or am I thinking of the scoop of food I gave him this morning?
  • How bad did my haircut turn out this time?
  • Why is fish so expensive?
  • Should I return the crappy winter window treatment kit to Ace Hardware or endure the twelve dollar setback quietly?
  • Will I get done everything I need to get done before tomorrow's class?
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