Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Westcott C-Fair

I have an email here reminding me that the annual Westcott Culture Fair is coming up this Sunday, 9/17, from 12-7. Without much planning, we've enjoyed the C-Fair each of the last two years. Of course, it was easier then. We lived within a block of Westcott. Each time, curious about the heavy traffic from cars and passers-by, we'd look out, figure something interesting was going on, and head over to Westcott--a strip of shops and restaurants in the old neighborhood just east of campus. This year's C-Fair should be more interesting, however, and I'm noting it blogally because the email includes this:

The fair starts off with a parade where members of Nottingham's varsity football and soccer team, along with our cheerleaders, will be marching.

I could be off, but I take this to be saying that Ph. will be among the parade marchers at noon on Sunday. Uh, except that we have somewhere else to be at that very same time that "the fair starts off," it should be a lot of fun. Westcott C-Fair-style. If you get there and I don't, snap a picture, will ya?

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