Monday, August 21, 2006


Now with Is. the average age in the house has plummeted to a youthful 16.1 years of age. It began with Y. back in May. For Mother's Day, a puppy. He reverse-aged us from 26.7 back to 20.1. Fun, but not as bounding-barefoot-in-the-grass as 16.1. House rules fly swiftly and irretrievably out the door, you can imagine, when D. and Ph. are away (errands, soccer practice, and whatnot). Then the average age drops to 10.9. We, the left-behind, raid the sugar stashes (until embarrassing mounds of Starburst and H.Kiss wrappers pile up), play PS2, and assume an altogether me, care? attitude toward the day's demands. It's a riot--a bona fide sugar ball, even if it's not exactly the best arrangement for exam reading.

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