Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oneonta and Back

After twenty minutes on the road, I realized that the return trip from Oneonta to Syracuse late this afternoon was the longest stretch I've driven alone in over two years. Yeah. Can you believe it? One hundred and fifteen miles, half of which are like a labyrinthine winder through the curvaceous NY countryside (I still love that scene from Peewee's Big Adventure). Other half? The I-90 thru-way.

Ph. and I drove to Baseball Village this morning to watch a game. My twelve-year-old cousin and his team from the Kansas City area played in the quarterfinals against some team from San Diego. It was a terrific game, other than the final score favoring the kids from California, 7-5. After lunch with my aunt and uncle, I drove back to Syracuse (for D. and me the last birthing class was tonight; it included an entry-worthy tour of the hospital). Ph. stayed back in Oneonta to check out the Soccer Hall of Fame and hang out with family.

But on the drive, I was suddenly very bored. I had the iPod jacked into the Element's auxiliary input and shuffling through my so-so music collection. Bored. And I also got out the camera and humored myself with a bit of photodriving. Except for the extremely curvy stretches, it's relatively safe. Okay, well, safer than talking on a cell phone.

Mohawk Valley


Here's one at the fields this morning:

Baseball Village

And from the Hall of Fame:

Hall of Fame

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