Wednesday, April 5, 2006

On Notice

Notice! Things the final month of coursework (EVER) will compel a body do to:

I signed up for a Snubster account after reading about it in Wired News. Antisocial Software, a place for crabasses and cranks. Down with the network! You basically get to enter the names of things and give them a full-over ranting. Also you can designate the objects of critique as "on notice" or "dead to me," followed by hyperbolic explanations. Others who feel compelled to bitch and moan about the same things might designate you as a contact with thoughtful messages (i.e. "Piss off. I didn't want you as a contact anyway."). For my first entry, coursework's on notice. Yeah, that's right.  Namby-pamby coursework. Just the thing I needed to snub so I could restore a happy grin to my Wednesday. ;)

You can try to resist, but I don't know how.

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But truly, there is something liberating and empowering about the EVER in the reference to that last period of coursework.

I've had to say it so many time this semester because of the visitors we've had in Lois's class, that about mid-February I got pretty darn proud of my stamina to get this far, to be on this particular brink. (I suppose it helps that I have an interesting project in my one and only class that I have no hope of producing in the quality I have it imagined). I think you're supposed to feel like this when you actually get a degree - so I'm hoping that means getting the ABD part and ultimately that Final degree will be even so much better (even though I've heard the angst leading up to it is worse...)

nice to be sharing that finality with you, though.

Posted by: Chris Geyer at April 5, 2006 5:46 PM

ummmm. Is this for real or a late April Fool's joke?

Posted by: joanna at April 5, 2006 9:18 PM

Soon enough, Chris. I'm at that point in the semester when the new and sometimes only tangentially related reading is competing for time with writing (and the additional reading for the projects). Oy. One month.

No bluff here, Joanna. Of course I'm not half as disgruntled as this entry probably makes me seem. Exactly half, maybe. But yeah, I was interested to see Snubster and also Introvertster and Isolatr (all from the Wired bit).

Posted by: Derek at April 5, 2006 11:03 PM