Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Today in sixes:

6.1. Number of hours in seminars (GEO781 followed by CCR712 after a 15-minute break).
6.2. So I went to the gym.  The guy I was guarding...he dunked six times in two games.  All on fast breaks, but still. 
6.3 Number of times I thought to myself, Am I really so terrible at the sport I grew up playing all those years?
6.4 Number of times I thought, Yep.
6.5 Number of seconds I sucked for air after taking an elbow to the midriff and before getting up off of the floor.
6.6 Number of worksheets in the math packet--due tomorrow--that Ph. and I just finished working through.  Lots of shapes and drawings, protractor work, etc.

And the next fourteen Tuesdays stand a good chance of being equally overloaded.  Still, I can say that classes went well.  And the math packet: done.  Hoops? Well, besides having every waft of air knocked from my lungs that one time (it wasn't a charge?), I'm just happy for good-enough-to-walk-away health.

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