Tuesday, August 30, 2005


When the first class meeting involves dripping water, the second class meeting must include some sponging up. 

Steady Drip

Pro Writing Clusters

Actually, the steady drip from the ceiling on Monday inspired some wonderful insights about the mysterious water source one floor up--and when it wasn't raining outside.  After obligatory syllabus-readskimreading, we collaboratively chalked a professional writing free-association map. Everyone contributed two impulsive associations (I'd structure it a bit differently next time, urge a bit more contemplative attention to the emerging relationships, spontaneous though they were). When everybody left, I grabbed a photo of the chalk board, and today I dropped it into a CMap for later reference.  I'm thinking about introducing CMap Tools, even encouraging its use for part of one of the projects, but I also was thinking it'd be interesting to revisit the first-day map of sorts, perhaps expanding it periodically as a group.  Or even have students work from a common file to revise their individual concept maps for semester-end portfolios (something that moves nodes around, adds pieces, points to found relationships, etc.).  For the mapping activity, I basically turned everyone loose at once, which gave me a change to watch interactions, conversation, preferences for mapping off of the terms from others, and so on.  Primarily, I was curious about what would come together, where we were starting, how we tend to think about the terms naming the course.

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I can relate. First class was double booked with an accounting class. I have since gotten a new room, but distributing syllabi in the hall way and chatting briefly doesn't make for a promising start. Hope the water situation is better today. Yikes!

Posted by: jenwingard at August 31, 2005 7:37 AM

Much better today, even if we had to talk over the persistent plip-plip-plip of the still-steady ceiling leak.

Posted by: Derek at August 31, 2005 3:21 PM