Sunday, August 28, 2005


A collection of stuff I don't want to pass up:

I used to have one of the bright yellow Sony Walkmans used here to house an iPod.  Used to.  So I spent 30 minutes rummaging through the boxes of junk we have stored in the attic.  Didn't find it.  If I can find one, I'd sure like to give the conversion a try (via). 

Earlier this week, at Bush's speech in Utah, at least one person in the crowd donned "Bullshit Protector" ear covers.  Boing Boing picked it up; there's a link to a PDF so you can make your own, good for those times when, you know, it's possible that what you're hearing has some BS mixed in.

The CBA's Dakota Wizards have hired former Baylor scandal-maker Dave Bliss (via).  Wow.  The coach who "made mistakes," such as doing his best to cover up, well, a helluva lot of criminal activity in his program is able to find work again coaching basketball?  Wizardry indeed.  At the same time Cincy is parting with 16-year head basketball coach Bob Huggins, whose reputation for being acerbic and even downright rude (indifferent attitude toward his players' life-beyond-sport?) is well-known. 

From Kairosnews, this link to an entry suggesting "The demise of the geek bloggers."  But the evidence of this vanishing is somewhat suspect.  We're seeing a consumerist expansion among weblogs (more business blogs, more corp stuff), but the "demise" is just as likely a re-positioning in the power law curve.  The shift of geek bloggers from the top 50 spots in Technorati doesn't necessarily mean that they're vanishing.  Instead, it means that they're not as tightly clustered or well-linked as the blogs that are filling up the head of the curve (extroverts or consumer blogs, as the article names them). Since we rarely perceive blogspace as a total structure (I mean that it's not singularly apprehend able; we can't see it all at once), the shift of geek bloggers or any other nested micro-cluster doesn't necessarily reflect a drop in blogging activity.  Yes?

Good chance that we're heading out to the NY State Fair this afternoon.  Photos later (yeah, I'll be the one holding the cotton candy and elephant ears and camera while my kid goes on all the rides...maybe D. will go on some of the stuff, too; as for me, no kicks in jamming my knees into a jostling metal bar over and over again).

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