Friday, April 22, 2005


Soot: The fine black particles, chiefly composed of carbon, produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels.

Six-family apartment building about one block away from home burned through and through this afternoon while I was on the hill sitting, observing the diss defense of a friend and colleague in the CCR program.  The defense was a success(!); the apartments, ablaze.  On the walk home, in the settling of smoky odor, I strolled through the park. D. and Ph. shared all the fuzzy details, but it was clear enough from the blocked street, the piles of rubbish on the sidewalk and the smell.  The odor expressed a version of the event, storied the afternoon in the neighborhood.  Soot as fading, residual document.  And nobody was hurt, as far as we know.

An interruption and a dilemma! Home from an excursion to Blockbuster video--Closer and The Incredibles, which included a stop at the grocer for a package of buns and a six-pack of orange-flavored malt liquor.  But it turns out that we don't have the Manwich that was supposed to switch the browned burger into the dinner-stuff.  So?  I suggested to D. that we could drop in a can of soup.  That's the sure-fire recipe I remember from childhood: any-flavor can o' soup, ground beef, on bread.  Won't see it on Iron Chef, but in a pinch....

No good, that idea.  Going with H. Helper instead.  A solution, at least.  I have quite a list of to-dos keeping me active through Monday afternoon.  Among them: 1. read and comment on 14 drafts of research projects from 205ers, 2. read several sections of Barbara Rogoff's Apprenticeship in Thinking for 720, 3. draft 4-5 pages of 711 project, 4. revisit draft of project for 611, 5. write a few paragraphs of critique of method(ology), taking J.'s work on alongside White, Certau, 6.  think about N.I. Painter and Robert Connors for a minute, 7. revisions of a short essay for 720, 8. develop three-page bibliography proposal for 720.  Three solid days should get me close.  Ah, and we've got tickets to hear Cornell West talk in Hendricks Chapel on campus tomorrow afternoon.

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"Soot as fading, residual document." -- that's beautiful

Posted by: alice at April 23, 2005 1:31 AM

"a six pack of orange-flavored malt liquor" -- not so much

Posted by: collin at April 23, 2005 10:51 AM

Thanks, Alice. Now if I can just find a place to put that line in one of the projects I'm working on.

And C., they weren't for me, the drinks. I didn't even have one. Picked up the Seagram's Twists. They come in clear bottles with the slightest spiraling ripples--a play on *twist*, for sure. Cute, cute. Not beautiful, but cute. Five-pack left in the fridge if you want to stop over.

Posted by: Derek at April 23, 2005 11:44 AM

Oh, the dreaded soup in the hamburger! What is it with you guys? J. loves that too but the boys won't touch it!

Posted by: Lisa at May 2, 2005 2:10 PM

I think if you eat it in front of them and put on an act that it's delicious, they'll take to it. It *is* so tasty, after all. And if that fails, you could make them sit at the table until it's gone (worked for me, not J.). No video games until your plate is clear! And if that fails, you guys have a dog now, right?

Plus, remember that J. wouldn't have anything to do with onions, and Manwich is chock-full with reconstituted onions.

Posted by: Derek at May 2, 2005 3:31 PM