Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Flickr Frame-toon


Scrape 1.01
Originally uploaded by ewidem.
Without so much as a clear, definitive purpose (les-sure or lei-sure), I've been futzing around with the combination of badly drawn, badly written frame-toons (of my own creation?) and some of the possibilities with Flickr. I'm interested in the combinations and the tools--vector drawings in Flash, cut/paste in Photoshop or comparable such as Gimp, the layered notes in Flickr, and even comments. I need more practice with it--more play--to figure what else might be possible with it, but it makes sense that it could be set up in a whole bunch of different ways (granted it's not soo different than the memory maps meming around).

Ph. has been watching me rough this one together; says he fancies starting up a blog--maybe this summer. Maybe a Flickr Frame-toon blog. And yeah, I already know this first one's so-so--squarely in the genre of mediocrity just like so much of my late-April work.
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