Monday, March 28, 2005

Nickel Cadmium

Ph. had his first lacrosse practice this afternoon.  I don't know what to think of it; seems like the past several weeks have left me in such a haze that I can barely keep up.  We squeezed in a brief trip to Dick's sporting goods on Saturday to pick up the last few items--mouth piece, padded gloves and so on.    And he's fourteen now.  Fourteen?  He and D. both had birthdays this month.  More than a week after returning from San Francisco, I'm finally settling back into normal sleep habits.  And, nonetheless, my eyes are constantly fogged from fatigue.  Used up most of today staying inside from the non-stop rain, writing a five-page essay on emergence, sociality and cognition for a class I have tomorrow, and finishing up some required reading due later in the week.  D. and I were supposed to catch up for a trip to the bank, but she got waylaid at work, intercepted long enough that we decided to hold over until Wednesday.  She has a class on Monday nights; just got notice that she's fully admitted in the program for early childhood literacy at SU--a promising turn since switching ed. certifications from Missouri to New York has been nothing short of complicated.  And so without the car, Ph. and I walked to Westcott for General Tso's tofu, two egg rolls and a two liter of Faygo Red Pop.  I'd cook, but the restaurant is just two blocks away, and so I figure why not?  Plus, gotta get out of the house now and then.

And I heard from the folks at Johns Hopkins to confirm my travel schedule to Albuquerque for three days in mid-June.  That means I should get back in the gym and test out my stiff-weak ankle, work it back into good enough shape that I won't be embarrassed in ten weeks.  And there's a CFP due this week, and an hour and forty-five minute gig in Albany coming up in two weeks.  It's the time of year when I could use a new battery pack--a shot of juice to pull through the last five weeks of the semester, the school year.  But no, it's nothing much revelatory, nothing I'm alone in feeling (on a rainy Monday in Syracuse, late March), and nothing I can't overcome just by plodding along on momentum.

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