Friday, March 11, 2005

Darling Clemson-tine

The Clemson Tigers have got to win the conference tourney to have a shot at the big tournament, but their win just now over UNC in the ACC tourney up-ended my expectations for March.  Today the Tarheels were so so-so, they might've lost to anybody, and this means a cloud of skepticism surrounding the baby blue.  I didn't plan to watch it.  Just flipped it on for background noise.  Some game. Up next, lots of scheduling overlap, but I'm keeping an eye on these conference tournament games to inform my picks, which is keeping double question marks next to Iowa, Syracuse, Wake and Louisville.  Oh, and Arizona is interesting this year, too.

Flipping between:
Iowa v. Michigan State
Syracuse v. UConn
Wake Forest v. NC State
Louisville vs. UAB
Memphis vs. USF

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