Monday, February 7, 2005

Name-Calling at BCHS

Do you miss high school?
Nah, I don't really miss high school so much.  And when, just for a split little minute, I do, the monthly Aggie Express Newsletter sets me right again.  For example, the February edition, hotly distilled to PDF, suggests that once again--much like in bygone days--the school system is infested with name-calling, other excitables.  Whenever you're ready, Judith Butler.   The feature, "Verbal Abuse--Slurs and Name-calling," basically reduces to "tend to your foul-mouthed kids!"  So in case you don't have time or inclination to read it, that pretty much sums it up: endlessly curbing intolerant slurs in small town middle Michigan.  In an effort to be more solution oriented, I was speculating about a connection to the school's song (scales are in common with Notre Dame, fwiw).  Notice the ratio of fight to all other words, except and, which pops up twice-6:1.  Pattern, see?

Fight, fight for BCHS,
Keep up the spirit, we'll always try,
Then our team will fight and win
and march on to victory.  Fight! Fight! Fight!

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