Monday, January 17, 2005

Para-site's Fair

I'm getting ready for Semester, and I don't have much to say (or blog) right now.  Spent quite a while today balancing my checkbook from the last several months. Same vein: why not tidy up some of the kept new stuff cluttering Bloglines?  Good as anything, right?  On with the show then.  Here, in no particular order, stowed for no particlar reason, are ten links green-checked as "Keep New" from the last month.

Feedspeaker (RSS into digitized voice, I think)
Building a better blog
Crumpled paper toss
Museum of Food Anomalies
Money Wallet
Botablog (wuh?)
Google Suggest

1-3, credit to unmediated; all the rest from metafilter

And now I'll go back to reading the last of four essay-articles on the formation of composition's multidiscplinary, many-armed fieldish-ness.  Bingo. I'm still reading the never-ending one, and it's up for discussion tomorrow morning.

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