Thursday, January 13, 2005

Growth Agents

Finally, Major League Baseball's union and owners have agreed to a drug testing policy bent on absolving the sport of steroid use (and, noted one Sportscenter talking head, the agreement came without giving anything back to the players).  I'm interested to see whether the policy has any teeth.  With so many conflicts of interest in policing performance-enhancers in athletics, I remain skeptical, a skepticism rooted in a few challenges from days playing the part of drug testing coordinator, although by and large we were running one of the most comprehensive random testing schemes in all of the NAIA.

The lessons from Mothra (and co.) on the dangers of mysterious growth agents, lost. (See, the energy field beaming from the satellite dish is like baseball's drug policy, metaphorically.)

Other bits, pieces, orts...

From apophenia, a link to this list of bloggers who have been terminated from their jobs for keeping weblogs.  Needed work: a list of bloggers who have been hired for keeping weblogs (or projecting into a linked webspace).

From Steve Krause, a link to a user-friendly database query for the San Fran C's.  It includes a savable record; much better than the PDF schedules from recent years.  Now I just have to figure out how to get to SF for less than one month's TA salary.  Might have to convene a family hug tonight just to let D. and Ph. know that we're getting through March on laundry soap and a gallon jar of pickles (oh yeah, with boiled eggs, potatoes for a treat).  Oof! And it is a two-birthday month (both of 'em).  To the side: I'm only semi-serious about the strain.  I've been fortunate enough to pinch a couple of different forms of support together from here and there.  But it's still damned expensive to travel to the conference.

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