Thursday, December 30, 2004


Chuckle to myself every time I hear the story about Paige Arena--the new multi-million dollar basketball arena for the Mizzou-rah Tigers.  Casters on ESPN2--calling Gonzaga and Missouri hoops contest--just recapped: 25 million dollars and naming rights from the parents of a 22-year old co-ed at Southern Cal who--allegedly--doled out several thousand dollars over three years for various academic "$upport."  Notwithstanding that 25 million buys an abundance of fog-iveness in middle Missouri--a low-lying region in the topography of roundball dignity--objections to the naming of the facility prompted officials to switch to something more mundane, like Missouri Gym or Missouri Fieldhouse or whatever it's called now.

Ph. and I picked up groceries at Price Chopper yesterday afternoon (D. and I usually alternate weeks, but she covered throughout the busy stretch of the semester; consequently, I'm on a pay-back streak).  Now that we've returned from a few days in Michigan--Detroit up to Isabella Co. and back--the cupboards are bare.  After dropping off Super Size Me at the movie rental place, we made our way through PC.  PC patrons tend to be pushy, determined, oblivious to others.  It's a busy place.  The trip is a mad, mad, dash and swerve--weave around the slow-movers and dodge those carting more vigorously than we.  And the checkout staff, usually they're ambivalent, slow, and uncareful with the sack-work.  Bag of sugar on the eggs, not that I complain.  But yesterday's checkout was the most inspiring interaction I've ever experienced in my days as a grocery shopper.  Checker scanned the items, bagged them carefully (crushables, light stuff and so on, appropriately together), and loaded the cart with the bags with more grace and efficiency than anyone I've ever seen.  Ninety bucks worth of stuff (c'mon, we had nothing at all to eat at home), and this guy managed it all without pause. A checkout lane performance like none before.       

Then today, at the Salvation Army store, I lucked into an old Tower tripod for just under five bucks.  Came with a free bottle of Mountain Dew Pitch Black.  Feel guilty having such fortune. Only, what is Mountain Dew Pitch Black, exactly? And what do I need a Tower tripod for, exactly?

Lately I'm busying myself with a course re-dev--a fancy-making and conversion into eCollege.  Was supposed to have a crack at it last summer, but old U.'s schedule unraveled, and so I told them I'd get to it only after the early-December furor.  Means now. And I am getting to it--between today and Monday.  Also committing to plans for a section of WRT205 this spring, pouring through possible combos of readings and assignments.  Loosen-tighten-loosen while down-time affords me that luxury.  Snapped up a Linksys router w/ wireless for our apartment the other day, too.  The wired access and wifi came together easily, but the file sharing required more finesse.  Firewalls were taking turns heading off CMD line pings, but finally I got it going.  It'll be nice having added in-apt mobility.

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What is Mountain Dew Pitch Black??
I'm a big fan of the regular stuff and Code Red.
A-ha (sorry, had to G**gle, I'm a nerd! "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!" -- with its own trailer and everything. You lucked out, I think, because they're saying it's "vanished forever" [or has it?]).
I heard about it here first, swear =)

Oh, and the tripod ... got a friend who takes photos for a newspaper who's been looking for one of those, and would start convulsing if he found a great deal like that! He needs to get a lot more thrifty, for sure. And especially if they're handing out special-edition Mountain Dews with purchase =)

Posted by: sheri at December 31, 2004 9:22 AM

I appreciate the link (zany trailer!). We should be grateful that Pitch Black was discontinued. Carbonated grape window cleaner, mostly. As for the tripod, I'll figure out something to mount on it, even though I have less time for shooting photos these days than I used to.

Posted by: Derek at December 31, 2004 5:29 PM

Reading, planning, working - you're far too busy for this very short break.

I got two books read, so far. Long plane ride later this week should increase that number.

I've joined the blogsphere. Now I'll want lots of tips from you...
- Chris :)

Posted by: Chris Geyer at January 3, 2005 5:50 PM

Yeah...busier than I'd care to be. Going to be blogvertising rent parties this spring, I fear.

Glad to see your site is up; looks like you've got some blogging to do. Re tips, send me questions any time they come up.

Posted by: Derek at January 3, 2005 7:52 PM