Monday, December 13, 2004


Farewell, Vaio

I know, I know, I should start a category about my mal-functioning Sony VGNS150 notebook computer if I'm going to keep blogging about it.  This ought to be the last time; away again, it is, via shipping carton, to San Diego where with any luck it'll get fixed properly this time.  It's been back from the first trip to sunny southern Calif. since the end of November, zippy as ever until about a week ago.  Granted, when I look at the CNY weather forecast, sometimes my lids don't brightly snap to open, either.  And that's its problem--the monitor initializes irregularly.  Sometimes it kicks in, other times blank.  Back on November 5, I wrote that the "Timing couldn't be worse."  But it could be equally heinous.  Come to think of it, this final final project I'm buttoning down mentioned nothing about word-processing.  Ironically, it's an essay about the early years of computers and writing.  How was I supposed to know it wasn't to be hand-written? We've only started using computers as word-processors in recent years, after all.

Resemblance between VAIO and ciao: omen?

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