Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Big Trak

A student in WRT105 emailed me this link overnight. MB's Big Trak was one of my first electronic toys.  I couldn't come up with the name of it when I was conferencing with the student the other day.  He's working out a project that makes use of the cut-paste/remix/playback method; focusing on 1982, he'sBig Trak looking at Insides "Mr. Roboto," the computer as Time's "man of the year," and early mechanical heart transplants, and something else.

A Google search for Big Trak turns up a bunch of late 70's/early 80's reminiscence.  Must've been for my sixth or seventh birthday, but I remember programming the rover to roll around our small trailer-house on Winn Road. We had the dump-cart, too, and although it was disappointing (dump what?  where?), we retro-fitted it with a cheap cup holder console (the sort with sand-weighted flaps), so the Big Trak could haul drinks from the kitchen to the living room fewer than ten feet away.  And even though the path was potentially straight, programming a crooked course was all the fun. 

I vaguely recollect the Big Trak was sore subject between my folks, too.  M. refused to tell D. how much she paid for it; she just insisted--as often was the case--that J. and I must have the latest gadgets, whatever the cost. Other memories: the batteries required replacement too frequently, and batteries were expensive.  Wasn't long before my older brother J. had the whole guts opened up, never to go together again.

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I do so enjoy those little things you mention about your childhood -- especially the beautiful visuals your words paint of M. She is a saint...someday I hope you share more of her with me...Happy Thanksgiving.... come see us soon...

Posted by: SybelGrace at November 19, 2004 3:33 AM

I appreciate the note, Sybel. Plenty more memories where this one came from. I won't be along with D. and Ph. next week, but we might get over to Detroit & vicinity during the holiday break.

Posted by: Derek at November 19, 2004 7:47 AM