Tuesday, November 2, 2004


< - T B r u u s t h h - >

Idle trajectories?  Better not tell you now.  Get some movement in the op-positionality.

Fielded this today from a colleague in 20th c. Rhetorical Trad: http://www.exposebush.com/flash/main.html

And-also--we voted this morning at the poling station across the street.  #105, #106.  Inside the gym--two booths--while preschoolers scootered around an ad hoc obstacle course--slide, tire, sign-in tables.  In the booth, the other obstacle course.  Never was confusing to vote in Mo. or Mich.  But here, the booth felt ancient.  Had to flip the lever to close the curtain, then turn an assortment of dials and return the big red lever to its original angle.  Returning the lever at once registers the dialed-votes and opens the curtain.  So why's there an unsharpened pencil hanging by a thread in here?  Nah.  Wasn't so bad, really.

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