Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fun-Hog Vote Favors Kerry

Hunter S.!

Even the Fun-hog vote has started to swing for John Kerry, and that is a hard bloc to move. Only a fool would try to run for president without the enthusiastic support of the Fun-hog vote. It is huge, and always available, but they will never be lured into a voting booth unless voting carries a promise of Fun.

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Thanks for the link to Hunter S. It was a great read!

By the way, have you read about the latest Bush health care plan?

It consists of one flu shot for Dick Cheney.

Never underestimate your opponent. For regular updates on the electoral vote based on the latest opinion polls go to Slate�s �Election Scorecard�

As for me, I�m making contingency plans if the Bush Gang gets 4 more years. I�ve drawn up plans for a rocket that will transport me and a number of others to Mars. If I built it I�ll call it Pop�s Ark. However, I�ve heard recently that Bush has plans on going to Mars too, so my plans are now on the shelf.

Now I�m working hard on perfecting my out of body experiences. Currently this is going very well. I�ve been putting together lesson plans and will soon be posting a website (www.outofbodyoutofmymind.tom) where the lessons can be downloaded for a nominal fee (cha ching). Contributions will also be accepted for spiritual counseling.

One significant offshoot from my rocket plans was the formulation of a new fuel. I�ve been experimenting with hydrogin and oxygin and discovered that certain combinations are fit for human consumption and can significantly enhance any out of body experience. Consequently I�ve been surfing around the galaxy looking for a solar system that can be inhabited. Obviously this news must be kept secret from the Bush Gang. Just imagine taking a trip and leaving the Bush Gang behind. Who would be left to fight the war?

Oh, its time for another hydrogin cocktail. Lots of olives and lite on the ice, please.

Getting back to Hunter S. The Bush Gang makes �Tricky Dick� (Nixon) look like an amateur. I don�t ever remember voting for him, but I have to admit, although for the most part being a confirmed GDI, I have had a few weak moments with closet Republican tendencies. Lets see�, I did vote for Regan once, the old man Bush once and also Ford. The independent side of me has voted for John Anderson, Perot twice and Nader.

Having voted for Nader the last time around, I think the Democrats have blown the Nader issue out of proportion. In my case, given a limited choice, strictly between Bush & Gore, I would have voted for Bush at the time. I�m sure there were a lot of other independents that saw the choices the same way. If Gore had been a truly credible candidate, he would have won regardless of Nader.

�Tricky Dick,� the �used car salesman�..� Looks like a lot of people have bought a bill of goods from the Bush Gang. What did Ross Perot say about that �sucking sound�? Looks like that sucking sound has manifested itself in the image of GWB. Does Monica still work at the White House?

You have to give the Bush Gang (Republicrooks) a lot of credit. They are some of the best salespeople yet. By the way, Perot was a very successful salesman in the business world. GWB disguised as a Republibuba does an excellent job of selling the, emotionally charged, social conservative/ religious agenda. It�s amazing and frightening that there are a large number of Republibubas in this country that are emotionally blinded to the fact that the Republicrooks are hijacking their votes. They (Republibubas) are merely pawns in the game that is starting to look more and more like �Class Warfare.� Unfortunately the game is for keeps and the Republicrooks with their corporate agenda are currently winning.

As a small business owner, I am well aware of the fact that you can�t do business with people who don�t have money. Without a financially strong working class, where will the customers come from? Are the Corprotists that short sighted that they are willing to let the Republicrooks trash out the middle class along with the federal budget? On the surface this doesn�t seem very smart. Could there be a hidden agenda here? Never underestimate your opponent!

Posted by: pops at October 23, 2004 1:37 PM

Too much fun for a work day--one flu shot. V. funny.

//Could there be a hidden agenda here?//

The dog from Conan O'Brien was sniffing around for that agenda in the spin room after the last debate.

Posted by: Derek at October 23, 2004 2:15 PM