Friday, October 15, 2004

The Grand Unification Theory

Marvelous web zen on mixed media posted today.  All worth checking out.  Just so my time is not without relevance to my current project(s), highlights:

  • Jason Salavon's The Grand Unification Theory: It's a [Dark and] Wonderful Life
  • and Herotown: Green's the mightiest bunch
  • Eddie Breen's Piggyback Art: Infectious.  I'm overdue for a fit of Breening with a few things.
  • Jason Kronenwald's Gum Blondes: Jaw muscle exercise, fresh breath, fighting tooth decay, a collaborative element and this. Would this be service learning if, say, it involved a group effort to chew-tack a cityscape? (Sorry. Reading Deans--Writing Partnership--on service learning. Seeking stickiness.)
  • I want one of these.  Just $3200 and I could watch it all day.  Well, for sixteen hours.  Pure relaxation.


Nota bene: Just noticed quasi-debaucherous links linked from the first link here. Caution!

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