Monday, July 26, 2004

Candied Camera

We're staying at the Genessee Inn, wrapping up our three night stay in Syracuse City, flying back to KC late tomorrow.  We signed a lease today, committing to a one-year occupancy in a three-bedroom flat (with abundant basement/attic storage) on the edge of Thornden Park, just east of the University.  Ph.'s school is five blocks one direction; the U. and HB Crouse are five blocks the other direction.  For the small few inconveniences of renting (after owning for a few years), we are just around the corner from the Syracuse public pool, two blocks from the Westcott strip--eateries, a small movie house, public library--and renting from a friendly, fair landlord. Should work okay for year one.  Bikable, walkable, bus route: that's what we wanted.Warp

Our stay at the Genessee has been more pleasant this time; I'd gladly recommend it.  Turns out, however, that the ice machine/vending room on the fourth floor here is a steamy 95 degrees.  Here's a look at a wilted Hershey's bar we didn't buy from the vending machine this afternoon.  Who will have such a soft candy?  Pour thing.  Got me thinking that a vending camera would be fun--maybe a web cam in a trickster machine, where the candy never drops, the wrong package comes out (always a mallow cup!), or a heated compartment keeps the candy disappointingly gooey. 

Don't have as many restaurant dispatches to report from Central New York this time.  We've been unadventurous since dinner the other night, preferring chains, convenience, and the hotel's continental freebies for two days. Yesterday we scouted the mall in Syracuse, Carousel Center, before I succumbed to my inevitable mall lethargy.  It's quite a place--car dealership, stores galore, and a huge indoor carousel. Makes me sleepy walking around in such a mallacious mall, and it shows a side of generic mall culture carrying powerfully from city to city to city, all the same.

In an hour we're meeting up with a few CCRers at Kitty Hoynes in Amory Square. AS is one of the noted historic attractions in downtown Syracuse--which, for today, I'm calling Drearacuse because we have had grayness and light rain all day and because I now have an address here, which means I should be more observant of the weather. They say it snows from time to time in the winter, too. D. and I managed a jog-walk around a few of the nearby neighborhoods just before the sprinkles started this morning.  And now the TV predicts flooding.

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Brian (my H) refers to Syr as "scarycuse."

Posted by: madeline at August 29, 2004 12:18 PM

Good one. Today I'm thinking "Saunacuse." What the heck's up with this weather? We hoped to be leaving the heat and humidity of the deep midwest behind. But this! And no AC. And the neighbors piping a *free* community stereo-concert through a pair of staticky outdoor woofers.

Posted by: Derek at August 29, 2004 1:47 PM

need some candied camera views

Posted by: ridvan at October 26, 2004 1:06 PM

Shoot me an email, ridvan, at dmueller -at- I have a larger version of what you see cropped here; would be happy to send it.

Posted by: Derek at October 26, 2004 4:30 PM