Sunday, June 13, 2004

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At the edge of the chair watching the NBA finals.  

Tweaking minor goofs in the VCampus to eCollege conversion piloting in the U.'s online courses this summer.  Our DL staff told me this was the largest online course migration--moving between CMS providers--to date.  No idea how they figure that or whether anyone cares.   Noticed today that some comments (in an asynchronous threaded discussion) were time-stamped out of order.  So the response gets tucked in before the comment to which it replies.  

A wall of wind and lightning gusted through KC last night, flickering the lights and littering the area with branches big and small.  All the newscasters could talk about today is the registering of 75 MPH, "hurricane force" winds that blasted the region last night.  Up on the rooftop one shingle lifted, so I scaled the ladder, rummaged around up there late this afternoon, dabbing fibrous tar-goop.  

Prepping for a trip to N.M. on Wednesday.  Will fly into Albuquerque for this summer's Native Vision Sports and Life Skills camp.  All the to-do with house-selling and moving has left me feeling distracted; my focus definitely isn't on the camp--hosted this year by the Southern Pueblo Tribes in Bernalillo (which, I think, is just outside Albuquerque, although I haven't checked a map). We learned on Friday that the house-seller in Syracuse accepted another offer.  So we're just counting days, waiting impatiently for this lovely house in KC to be swept off the market by a new owner.  Else?  Too early to say.

I've been keeping readerly tabs on all of the exciting things shaking up the Blogosphere--the Hawaii C&W conference, mainly, and Jenny's hard-earned, well deserved Best Blog Award.  Is there a trophy?  Some kind of graphic insignia?

Pizza Hut now boasts WingStreet here in the metro area.  And we ordered some wings. But I've decided PH should stick to pizza.  Traditional pizza.  Chicken products from pizza hut--buffalo style chicken pizza, chicken as a topping, WingStreet wings--leave a lot to be desired.  I don't usually flail around with grand decrees about food stuff, but I'll never eat chicken from Pizza Hut (or WingStreet) again.  Blech!

Blog entries I've been contemplating: 1. How are the Braddocks going?  I'm a third of the way through them.  Continue?  Shelve it? Change the approach? 2. My oldest uncle--G.--succumbed to cancer yesterday.  It was a long, relentless time working on him. Been thinking about a tribute, mainly because watching Big Fish last night (between storm flickers) brought up a few ideas about memory, imagination, myth, family.  I hope to share some good ones later this week.  And my uncle G., being a pastor and a forestry biologist, well, I sense a certain, tough-to-describe peace about it all, in part, maybe, because his time came almost exactly seven years to the day after his younger sister, my mom, passed away.  Heh.  This paragraph started out about the Braddocks.  No, I'm not all over the place.  Really. 3.  Bookmarked this article from the NYT.  It ties into a whole set of issues about verified readership. So I can put a clandestine confirmation cue in the message to ascertain it has been certifiably, indubitably read?

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Yes, IS there a trophy? I wouldn't have even known about the award unless a friend had told me. I guess a cash prize or luxury goodies are out of the question, huh?

Posted by: jenny at June 15, 2004 1:33 AM

A one-year subscription to C&W wouldn't be out of line. Or maybe a waiver of the fees for next summer's conference. But I like the possibilities of something like Lord Stanley's Cup--something mysterious, photogenic, and prone to a jagged history of possession. It could be passed to the new Blogger of the Year at each subsequent conference (not that a repeat bid by Stupid Undergrounds is out of the question, of course).

Posted by: Derek at June 15, 2004 6:53 AM