Monday, May 31, 2004


1. Best bad weather driving advice noted before speeding through tornado alley the other day: "If you see a tornado, drive in the other direction." noted.
2. Never slept on a Sleep Number bed, and I don't know my sleep number. Crashed hard last night on a perfectly new air mattress here in Detroit City. Since there aren't any coils in the mattress, I'm not sure the Sleep Number is calculable. Only when I rolled to my side did I sometimes bottom out, which meant my Sleep Number was scalable (where's my calculator?), and which meant D., over on the other side, was perfectly elevated on a firm bed of pressure (variously taut). It's not Erdos, but, well, may be the grounds for an interesting (if only to me) social analysis. Oh, and I slept fine, which is good because we're off to NY later today.
3. Glad to have Clancy's link to Berube's questionnaire. A certain family member started to riff on Kerry this morning (more talk on presidential politics, candidacies and damage control voting). No need to bruise close relationships with political hypotheticals. I didn't even bring up the torture question. Children in earshot.

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I am jealous that you are in Detroit City and I am not. Say hi to my home town for me.

Posted by: dr. b. at May 31, 2004 12:32 PM

Welcome back to the Motor City. I'd invite you over, but over is in boxes right now ready to be moved.

Posted by: jeff at June 1, 2004 2:32 PM

Said hello on your behalf, Dr. B. Oddly, at that moment, everyone and everything in range of site (from the Eckerd at Eight Mile and Kelly) froze, waved back, then carried on. You know how friendly Detroit can be.

And glad to have the "if-only-my-life's-stuff-wasn't-boxed" invite, J. Hope we can do that when you're settled in the new digs. Actually, we've already skipped on, shooting across Ontario to Syracuse yesterday (despite _really_ long delays at the Niagara border). So it was only one night in Motown. We're looking for places to live here in Syracuse, then will shoot back through SE Michigan end of this week.

Posted by: Derek at June 1, 2004 3:04 PM