Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Burn Baby Baby

I know I promised to cut out the house repair posts, so this is just a bit off that pattern.  Others have been running name googlisms.  Thought I'd try the fun with Maytag, since the Affordable Maytag store in my neighborhood was more than a little rude to me yesterday.  Just snotty about knob glitches; nothing else.  You guessed it: the oven is still on the fritz. The new switch makes the pilot light come on.  And stay on.  Whether the burner dial is turned to a number or not.  Hmm.  That's not how it's supposed to work.  Here's what googlism told me about Maytag:

maytag is cleaning up its act
maytag is the big cheese in this small town
maytag is really showing the ability to increase its margins and come out with new exciting
maytag is broad
maytag is especially sensitive to macroeconomic factors because its products are relatively high
maytag is one of the world's great brands
maytag is in the least likely position to benefit from further growth in the housing industry
maytag is not liable for the defamatory
maytag is a family owned and operated maytag home appliance center
maytag is a leading manufacturer of major home appliances
maytag is not living up to the name
maytag is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent
maytag is responsible for anchor brewing company in san francisco
maytag is a great american company
maytag is in
maytag is the only one to have done so
maytag is a leader in commercial laundry technology
maytag is the #1 consumer preferred brand in clothes washers and dryers and dishwashers; jenn
maytag is well aware of the fact that this part is not easily available
maytag is a multi
maytag is looking at possibly outsourcing some of its administrative jobs to pricewaterhouse coopers
maytag is among them
maytag is covering its
maytag is running
maytag is looking for a few more lonely people
maytag is betting on the horizontal
maytag is having problems
maytag is the catalyst for personal vulnerabilities to bear their teeth
maytag is a fantastic opportunity for me
maytag is expanding its role in energy star to include the retail sector
maytag is a premium product and food source is also at that top end of the market
maytag is happy because it gets to grow internet revenue
maytag is schuylkill

I ordered the new knob a partner (to complete what's clearly a flubbed pilot circuit because the other switch is faulty too...right?), but rather than pay another 36 bucks at Affordable Maytag (yeah! 36 bucks for an oven dial-knob), I found a cheaper one online from out of Edmond, Oklahoma.  I'd much rather ewire my money to Jowayne in Oklahoma than drive up the street to the rude neighborhood appliance store.  Should get the part in tomorrow or Friday.  Saturday morning?  Pancakes.
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We had the same thing happen to our old JennAir. When we remodeled our kitchen, we replaced it with a new one due to the existing duct work. I was excited to use my new stove after cooking in the garage on the workbench for 2 1/2 months. Unfortunately, the new, $1700, fresh out of the box, JennAir did not work. I couldn't believe I had to call the repairman for a new stove!!! We had also purchased a Maytag Neptune washer because of the lonely repairman - what a joke. It already burned out a "controller card", filled my house with smoke and scared the you know what out of me. I think Maytag is like most major manufacturers these days - give the contract for the parts to the lowest bidder regardless of quality. I don't mind paying the money if I get a quality product, but I don't think Maytag delivers them anymore - and I am sure they don't have any lonely repairmen either! Good luck with the stove.

Posted by: Lin at May 27, 2004 9:07 AM

We're ready to disconnect the oven in favor of a George Foreman grill and a toaster. I'm still crossing my fingers that the second switch will complete the repair. When the first switch didn't do it, the friendly (but lonely) repair folks insisted on sending a tech whose visit would start at $50 (add parts, add labor). When I turned them down, suggesting that I *might* be able to decipher the problem myself, they shapeshifted into a snarky bunch of! Thanks for wishing me well with the repair.

Posted by: Derek at May 27, 2004 4:21 PM

FWIW: we do only gas stoves, and antigue ones at that--other appliances are always from Sears. Good prices and they OEM name brand washers, refrigerators, and the like. I may live on the West Coast but I brought my Ohio values with me.

Posted by: John at May 27, 2004 7:25 PM

Now that we're looking at houses in Syracuse, I feel better about selling our place in KC. It's in good shape compared to a few of the places we looked at today. One of the houses had a squirrel family--in the middle of an argument--scurrying in and out of the roof. I'm in favor of urban regreening, but squirrels in the roof? Reminds me of an insurance claim I handled in Detroit (off Telegraph) where raccoons had eaten away the whole corner of a roof over several months. Guess they needed a bigger door to their living quarters.

The stove repair turned out fine. I even found a second switch online for far less than the over-the-counter price at the local Maytag store. Now the hot water heater is top on the list. Fortunately, with the stop-over in Detroit, my brother *almost* convinced me I could replace it myself.

Posted by: Derek at June 1, 2004 3:14 PM