Saturday, May 8, 2004

Mo S. Tat

No need to overstate the obvious tonight.  More house stuff in the works. Notice the jump between the Rc terminal and the Rh terminal somewhere in 40 minute range.  It was an afterthought, an after-reading-the-directions afterthought.  Of course, by the time I read the directions, I already had mounted the new thermostat.  Only upon trying it out did its failure reveal phase two (take it apart, read the directions, marry the terminals in a union of white-coated copper wire. 

The garage sale today was a hit--constant traffic from 9 to 3.  Only one p'd off customer; we thought she was going to call the BBB, turn us in for selling the bunk bed to another fella before she could grab it.  Maybe I'll blog more about the garage sale tomorrow.  They're really extraordinary social experiments with elaborate codes (we didn't know), systems for negotiating and just plain weirdness (As in: Old Man: "Do you have any guns for selling?" Sales clerk: "We had a plastic water gun, but it's already been sold.")

On the photo: I see a clock says 1:50, a thermostatic map of our house's climate control switch, a look down R2D2's neck, and the face of a bot whose expression changes when set to "Cool" or "Fan On."  What do you see?

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The joys of thermostat installation! Been there did the middle of January '93...

I see: A Gremlin, Waldo, a grand piano, the Orion constellation, a maytag wringer washer, a telescope and a Rat Terror dog!!!

Love your blog!!!

Posted by: Sybel at May 10, 2004 7:42 PM

A Rat Terrier, huh? Suppose I should add a note to the house-selling flier about all the wonderful forms floating in our wall circuits.

The house didn't really _need_ a new thermostat, and it wasn't so much work considering we replaced a similar unit. Toughest part: the termowire didn't have much slack; nearly lost it into the wall. But it's good practice before returning to the frosty North winters.

Posted by: Derek at May 10, 2004 8:22 PM