Thursday, April 1, 2004

Poised with Swiffer

Notice: this is a buttered toast entry whose rhetorical purpose is to displace the hallucinations and ramblings slung up by dmueller.  Good thing that's not the name of this blog's owner and chief operator.  Who hacked my site and posted that picture of Bart Simpson?  I want answers!

But I'd settle for comments.  See, crowds make me nervous, and, for some reason or another, Earth Wide Moth is getting unprecedented traffic lately. Smart mobs? There's no evidence anyone's reading here; but the visitors are sliding through.  Browsers are picking it up, putting it to the screen. So, I concocted a plan to insert this buttered toast entry--a defensive displacer entry meant to float an unseemly entry lower on the page.  Maybe we should call it a marshmallow entry or mallow entry for short.  I haven't done my homework on whether this kind of entry has been named before, and I don't have time to explore b/c I gotta bury yesterday's entry right away. (You're only as bloggy as your last entry!)

Just a few more lines and this entry will have fully served its purpose by filing yesterday's entry into the obscure #2 slot.  That said, I am pleading with you, do not scroll the bar and do not turn the page.  Do not read any previous entries in this blog.  You've been warned!

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Don't you worry, dmueller. You'll remain safely nested en oblivio as long as you keep this earthy colour scheme. Yack!

Posted by: ds at April 1, 2004 11:39 AM