Saturday, March 13, 2004

How Much Wood

Most of the day chipping away on course updates.  Spring II starts Monday.  Have to switcharound the major project in intro to humanities.  So I'll try a research question, annotated bib, and critical evaluation of one source--a kind of heavy research lurch, like when a train first moves from stationary, since that's all an eight week term allows.  In other words, we aren't making it far up the tracks. I was looking at Humbul Hub and one of its links, Blackmask Online. And then this trickled through WPA-L, where I lurk fondly.  Started to read it, but then I had to get lunch.

The kids did have their last practice this morning.  And I messed around with Mozilla Firefox.  Hell, at this hour, I'm quite a fan of its zippy front, and the aggreg8 extension is better--so far--than Pluck or Feedster.  Yeah, still dabbling.  Perpetuity.

Lastly, I noticed fragments bits and orts in the news of late.  Plane pieces here and here (second via Preposterous Universe who had this to say about Rumsfeld's horrible paperweight).  And it's the first instance of mishandled parts that I have more trouble understanding than the second one.  Rumsfeld's gesture, after all, is a lot like the gross sentimentalizing and screw-bob keepsakes so many Americans cling to, like pieces of petrified wood charms from national parks, even though the signposts and good conscience tell us not to meddle, to touch nothing. But a black box in a file cabinet?

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