Wednesday, March 10, 2004


  1. Let's make an NCAA March Madness bracket-pool for bloggers.  Takers?  No monetary gambling.  The stakes will be comments on the winner's blog.  Don't figure I have a chance at picking the victors of many games.  I like Stanford, Illinois and Memphis this year.  First-round dancer: Illinois-Chicago.
  2. I appreciate the privacy argument for athletes who are subject to drug testing.  But I also contend that we can't trust the sporting arena unless controls ensure drugs aren't affecting sports.  I generate the random lists and help organize one of the few random drug testing programs in small college athletics.  We hear plenty of arguments about the invasiveness of the test (a standard, five-panel DOT screening).  We also hear a fair amount of praise for challenging drug use head on and affirming the performative integrity of our student-athletes.
  3.  At a two hour follow-up meeting with the document-imaging people today, I noticed that the five laptops at the conference table corresponded in quality to the authority of the personnel using the equipment.  There were five reps from the doc-imaging company, five reps from the University.  To my left, the person with the most authority sat at a glitzy IBM Thinkpad; her assistant plunked in notes on a newish Dell; the three others moused around on run-of-the-mill Compaqs.  Should we be concerned at their hardware disunity?  Or the irony in leafing through an eighty-page paper plan for paperless workflow?
  4. Ph., who will turn 13 in ten days, asked me what I thought about helping him start a weblog.  His older friends have been carrying on about ejournaling. Dunno, I said.  Just plain don't know. *Can I read it?* 
  5. I think my C's carpool evaporated today. One of the riders ducked out because of too much other travel in the weeks ahead.  Plan B?  Damn, it's going to cost a lot of chips to catch a flight at this late date.  It was going to be a long drive from KC to San Antonio (but a comfy one, thanks to good friends at the car rental place).  I planned on taking in a few sessions, bumming up and down the Riverwalk, maybe blogging the conference a bit, for the heck of it.  What now?
  6. Halfway through Spring Break now, so why am I more tired and more disorganized than I was on Monday.  Theoretical down-time gets turvied into catch-up time, time to work on my long list of stuff to do.  I'm getting a lot done, and idle time makes me stir crazy, so I guess there's no problem with having a week off from teaching to get a few other things in order. 
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