Problems and Stases

Another double-seminar Tuesday coming up:

In 720 this afternoon, we’re talking up the
(definition, fact, cause, value and action, following Fahnestock and Secor) and
looking through Joseph
Williams’ "Problems into PROBLEMS"
(PDF) to re-see the first few pages of
two pieces–one of our own and one from a journal. I appreciate the
brought up in the comments

when Collin first mentioned Williams’ monograph
back in June–problems of
being too dedicated to problem orientations, of fixating superproblematic.
Still, I found this process immensely useful–returning to Williams, turning
Williams’ prototype intro-grammar toward an essay I’ve been struggling with, and
giving a similarly framed writerly reading to a published article.
Williams’ model, like the stases, were exactly the heuristics I was needing to
pull apart a few of the stifling think-knots messing up my writing. For
next week, Gunther Kress, Literacy in the New Media Age. I’ll try
to post some notes; I’ve got to get going with it later this week because I’m
also leading the discussion of Kress’ stuff.

Before 720, however, I’ve got three hours of cybercartography, including pair
of mini-briefings (short talks in front of the class). One covers good/bad
examples of maps designed for the screen; the other is a report on early moves
toward the larger project for the course.