RGB Averages; Pixel as Metonymy

{125, 127, 73}

(Average RGB from the butterfly image below when rinsed into a single pixel. 
Expanded again for easy viewing.)

Bumgardner explains

in the comments over

I use a Perl script to retrieve all the thumbnails of all the photos in the
group, which takes a few minutes. Then, using ImageMagick, I reduce each
thumbnail to 1 pixel in size, and record the color in a datastructure.

The data structure, containing the photo’s ID and average R,G,B values are
then written to an actionscript file.

Well, no, I don’t know how to do it, yet (yet!), but the process is beginning
to make sense (and not just in its applicability to images, but that’s all I’ll
say about that for right now).  It’s the basic rendering of an image into a
color-based number (Hit
Song Science
for the designing eye?).  The single pixel functions as a kind of
meta-name for the image, a name by which it gets to associate with others like
it through action script referencing.