I Cut the Lawn and the Lawn Won

The latest round of seasonal allergies aren’t exactly killing me, but they are
causing me enough discomfort that I just about scratched out my eyes out earlier
this evening. No willful, deliberate, or careful scratching in this. No, this is
a vile alternative, a reflexive (even precognitive) knuckling of the lids so frenzied my eyeballs should be grateful I saved them. Interrupted that fit with a couple of
itch-halting eye drops and another dose of generic loratadine. Not the
sort of thing I’d say most days, but today: Thank goodness for pharmaceutical
drugs. So what if sparing my eyes from the acid pollen drifting across Central
New York means I wake up every morning for two weeks with a metallic taste in my
mouth and an overworked internal organs. Small price.

I did cut the lawn. On Saturday. Slow blog-reaction time these
days. Approaching slow to the point of stopped.

I’d explain the two week lull, but there is no juicy story in the explanation.
Did I mention my allergies? Oh. The rest, all teaching prep, teaching, and road
time. I’ll spare you gory details about the workload I’m hefting this summer.
On a lighter and more delightful note, the late May lull included a lap around
Michigan for a nephew’s graduation, a welcome to EMU barbecue, and house
hunting. I’m pretty sure we have a place to live come August, but we
haven’t signed the lease yet.

I have a lot more to say and, at the same time, nada. Warming up lately
to a tolerable degree of blog ambivalence, actually, which means I might blog
every day in June or continue the hiatus until sometime after that.