Mapping War

A colleague from the cybercartography course shared an email with this link
to the Iraq War Coalition Fatalities Map
produced in Flash by graphic designer Tim Klimowicz. He mentioned it
during yesterday’s session when we were working through maps and motion. It’s both upsetting
and fascinating: upsetting for the long sequence of flarepoints indicative of
deaths, fascinating as an example of design, map animation and the coordination
of temporal and geographic data.



Not sure where I pickred up the link, but I keep getting drawn back to
Jim Bumgardner’s
Colr Pickrs
.  Scheme appears to be running through Flash (in concert with a PHP script?), but I haven’t
the time to dig around for clues about how the images from
Flickr are sifted,
arranged, and so on.  But I’ve got to look into it; probably won’t be able
to rest well until I dig through how it works.  Especially worth
a visit: the

urban decay