Under Ten Minutes

So if you had to do a ten minutes or less talk on Foucault and
rhetoric as epistemic and it had to push off from The Order of Things,
what would you be sure to mention?  Just curious.

Newer habit: fashionably tippling water from a Diet Pepsi bottle.  Can’t
believe the ugly habits that emerge from being stacked-up busy.  I call it Aqua
Pepsi–free refills at the hallway fountain.

Dodged an Eagleton-Williams one-two on C|culture|s in class this
evening.  RayWill–for good reason–got the hog’s share our attention, but
I left wondering whether Eagleton, in his coup de gras was joshing around
when he says, "It is time, while acknowledging its significance, to put
[culture] back in its place."  Hedging, I say.  Er, or so I
said in hunk of my mini analysis paper.  Note for later:  bask in
Williams’ chunk on "The Structure of Feeling" just a bit more. A warm
feeling in there.

Tomorrow:  Office hours teeming with visiting students (What do you
want, exactly!?); Resnikoff’s NUC-MLC newsletter from 1969, Sondra Perl on
"The Composing Processes of the Unskilled College Writer," C. Wright
Mills, "Letter to the New Left," Jerry Farber and Louis Kampf, and
MaCrorie’s Uptaught; and touching up a few teaching details, as in what

On "snooty
intellectual debate"
(scroll to bottom): check out the letter to the ed
in today’s Post-Standard responding to new chancellor Nancy Cantor’s
invitation to the community for a visit to campus as part of the "Soul of
Syracuse" campaign.