CCC Online as Teleidoscope

Inside Higher Ed is running
Collin’s piece
today about CCC Online called

"Mirror, Mirror on the Web."
  The column puts a
beam on CCC Online
and introduces a few of the features of the site, but beyond that–and more
importantly, I’d say–it makes explicit some of the ways blog-based thinking
influenced the creation of the site.  As the article makes plain, the three
of us working on the project are active bloggers;  I think it’s safe to say
that the practice of blogging made the current iteration of CCC Online conceivable. 

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CCC Online

says more about it than I plan to in this short-minute post, but I
wanted to mark the day.  The CCCat’s out of the bag, so to speak; 
CCC Online is
officially live, which means you should visit the site and check out the
features. And of course, if you have any impressions one way or another, we’d
like to hear about them.